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Ever since I was a little boy…I’ve loved styling hair. I can remember numerous times I’d wait for my mom to get home with my “salon station” prepped, which consisted of those electric round brush curlers, a random set of combs & brushes, every hair product from her bathroom cabinet and the infamous recliner. Sometimes she’d wake up with gel plastered hair or the occasional french braid. Looking back now, I’m truly blessed to have had a mom that nurtured something in me that at the time I couldn’t imagine would eventually be my passion. Styling hair is an art form…I’m an artist….and Bridal Hair is my artistry!

 During my salon career, I’ve been a member of bridal teams, worked countless bridal expos and became an expert in the strategy of veil placement. I always envisioned leading a bridal hair and makeup company that is willing to lend their hearts over to every head of hair or face they touch. That at worst….if we walk away with not everything lined up as planned, that we can walk away knowing that we poured every ounce of passion into it up until completion. Every hair stylist and makeup artist associated with Oliver Ramon Bridal withholds that same regard. Oliver Ramon Bridal has the best of the best in the wedding industry. So on that day…..that special day, We are and Will be here for you….that’s Who We Are

Our Approach




We believe that luxury comes in many forms……and we’d like to tell you how we envision luxury. Imagine getting your special day started with a reminder from the event planner that your transportation is downstairs waiting for you and your bridal party. You arrive at an exclusive location with hors d'oeuvres, wine/mimosas, live music, and surprise goodie bags with take home gifts for the entire bridal party. Lastly, the bridal party guests will be transported off to their venue for 1st looks or back to the host hotel/location. Experiences like this have been incorporated into previous Oliver Ramon Bridal Parties. This is just one way that Oliver Ramon Bridal has set itself apart from the rest. 





Our group of passionate creatives are motivated by the Wedding Industry. We have conversations with brides all the time evolving around how important Hair and Makeup is holistically. Yes, the dress is also set at high regard…. but your Hair and Makeup are the first thing people will look at. For us, “forever photos” have three main components…. the hair, the makeup, and the dress. We coordinate with your wedding planner to organize a complete beauty itinerary that will keep the flow & order up until 1st looks.





Details, Details, Details…. we consider everything. We take pride in trying to think of every aspect that goes into that special day. We create portfolios on all our brides & bridal parties with all major & minor intricacies of the day. It is not our goal to show up, do the service, and go home. The Oliver Ramon Bridal Team intentionally arrives at least 15 min early to become apart of the day & aren’t in a rush to leave. Collectively, we’ve helped with decorations, stuffed bridesmaids' goodie bags, & much more. We create memorable experiences that last a lifetime. Weddings are all we do….so we’ve tried to think of everything….and our ideas are always evolving and enhanced.



 We charge a base rate of $1500. This rate includes hair/makeup services for 6 bridal party members inclusive of the Bride. These services can be rendered as 6 receiving both hair/makeup OR 6 bridal party members receiving hair and 6 bridal party members receiving makeup.  The Bride would be required to receive both hair/makeup unless she forfeits one of her services to an additional bridal party member. Any additional services beyond what has been mentioned would be $75 each. 

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